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Wilson Youth Football Tackle Registration

WYF 2020 8th Grade Tackle

WYF 2020 7th Grade Tackle

WYF 2020 5/6 Tackle

Wilson Youth Football Flag Registration

WYF 2020 3/4 Flag

WYF 2020 K-2 Flag

WYFA Celebrates 20 Years!

This year is the Wilson Youth Football Association's 20th Year!  We are very excited to have been bringing football to SW Portland and look forward to another 20 years.  

Join our teams and be a part of our success.



Youth Flag Football will be coming soon to the Wilson Cluster. That's right.....grades 3-8, start getting ready for some football.

Help spread the word! Players will need their physicals to participate.  The plan, if we get clearance, is to begin youth practice on Feb. 9th at 4-5pm for 3/4 and 5/6 and 7 & 8 at 5-6pm on the main W HS Turf.

We are working in tandem with the HS program so we can continue to build a unified program.

We will be using the PIL's FamilyID for all sign ups. Work on getting your physicals up to date so we can hit the ground running!



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Let's get ready to play footbal in:

Coach Brian Heiken

Meet the Coaches

It is with great pleasure to announce our Head Coach for the 8th Grade Team - Brian Heiken. 

I started playing football in 7th grade and played through the varsity level at Thurston High School here in Oregon.  My oldest son, Jesse, started playing youth football in the Wilson program in 4th grade.  I spent that first year attending every practice as a parent and decided that I wanted to be more involved.  After six years in the program I had served as a head coach for 4 years, assistant coach for 2 years, and president of the association for 3 years.  In 2017, my family moved to Wilsonville where I coached youth football for another two years until my son moved onto to high school.  With my kids off doing other activities, I've decided to return to the football program at Wilson to continue what I started and give back to a community I hold close to my heart.  Football is a great sport for teaching kids the value of discipline, hard work, and doing your part as a member of a team.  I look forward to coaching the 8th grade team this fall in the Wilson program.




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P: 503-479-8892